Dr Graham Retires After 30 Years’ Service

Congratulations and thank you to Dr Alison Graham, who has retired after 30 years serving Yaxley patients, a job she always wanted at a location she never wanted to leave. She has spent her entire career at the surgery and says it has been a privilege helping patients at their best and worst times. 

Colleagues and patients gathered to wish Dr Graham well. She has no plans to slow down and will continue to be involved in local projects, including as Chair of a busy charity counselling young people. 

Dr Graham said: ‘I had a lovely final day, thanks to our amazing current and retired Yaxley team and some patients that I was able to invite.  It has been the utmost honour to have been part of such a fabulous practice. I have never wanted to do anything else except General Practice and never wanted to work anywhere but at Yaxley.  

‘To retire after 30 years as a Partner and leave the place with the same values and ethos as when I arrived, is a remarkable thing and the thanks for that belongs to everyone.  We have been innovative, brave, flexible and committed to constant improvement. I am proud of what we achieved together and grateful for those patients who have trusted me with your worries and fears at various times in your lives. It has been a privilege to have been alongside you in the best and worst of times. 

Dr Alison Graham

‘I know I am the doctor I am because of what I learnt from my colleagues, my own life experiences and my patients. I also need to thank my husband, Alan, for being my rock. Without his encouragement I couldn’t have concentrated on my career as we raised three wonderful young people together.

‘I would finally like to thank my parents for all they did to support my career especially my wonderful, amazing Mum who we sadly lost in 2022. I know she was always proud of everything I did as she told me often. I have lots of plans for my retirement and will never be bored. I am Chair of the Young People’s Counselling Service charity, which needs a lot of input to continue to grow and help more young people. If anyone wishes to get involved please contact us at admin@ypcs.uk.  

‘For now I feel that the most precious thing I will have more of is time. My younger sister never got to retire so I feel I need to make the most of it for both of us. Goodbye and thank you for your gifts and warm messages. I hope to cross paths with some of you again as I set up a couple of projects with YPCS and the surgery. I will miss you all.’

Practice Manager Aija Selby said: ‘On behalf of her many colleagues, patients and friends, I would like to thank Dr Graham for her professionalism and dedication over the last 30 years. It is rare nowadays for a GP to stay at one practice for their entire career and Dr Graham has been an exceptional doctor, with a listening ear and innovative nature that has led to many of the changes seen within the practice. I would like to thank her for her immense contribution to Primary Care in general and at Yaxley in particular and wish her all the very best for the future.’ 

Published: Jan 19, 2024

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