Free Art Therapy for young people

Are you or someone you know aged 13-15 and feel like you are suffering with your emotional health and wellbeing?

Art therapy is available if you are registered at Wansford, King’s Cliffe, Oundle, Yaxley, Old Fletton, Stanground or New Queens Street Surgeries.

Art Therapy

If you are experiencing challenges with your emotional health and wellbeing, such as feelings of stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, social anxiety or depression and are finding it difficult to talk about how you feel, you are likely benefit from this group. If you are already receiving professional support for your emotional health we would suggest that this group is not suitable for you.

No artistic skills are necessary, the group is for anyone who is looking for a way to share their thoughts and feelings by using art materials, when words are difficult. All art equipment will be provided and your art work will belong to you, we just ask for anonymous feedback regarding your thoughts about the group, this is so we can aim improve future groups.

We ask that you have a discussion with your parent/ carer because commitment is required to attend all 12 face to face sessions. Attending all sessions is essential for making sure you and the others in the small group get the best from the therapy group. These spaces are funded by your Primary Care Network (GP) and therefore spaces should only be applied for if you intend to come along and make the very best use of the precious funding.

  • The group is only available to 12 young people- please apply quickly to avoid disappointment
  • Please enquire by sharing your parent or carer contact details by email


  • Venue: King's Cliffe Active, Kingsmead, Station Road, King's Cliffe PE8 6YH
  • Start: 6th January 2022
  • End: 24th March 2022
  • Day: Thursdays
  • Time: 4:30pm-6pm

Refreshments will be Provided.

Published: Nov 30, 2021

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