How to Make and Cancel an Appointment



The new way to book an appointment is simply to ring on the day you wish to speak to a Doctor or a Nurse Practitioner.

Ring any time during our opening hours on 01733 240478 as there will always be telephone appointments available, whether your problem is urgent or routine.

Please don’t rush to call before 9.00 am – we will not run out of appointments and calling later will ease our congested telephone system. 


We guarantee that you will speak to a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner that day. It may even be possible to put your telephone call straight through to a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner. If you need or want to be seen you will be offered an appointment by a Doctor or a Nurse Practitioner the same day.

Treatment room appointments for dressings, injections, blood tests etc will continue to be booked in the old way and appointments will continue to be available in advance. We will also continue to offer a minor injuries service throughout the day to avoid Accident & Emergency attendances.

Our Practice Nurses deal with minor illnesses and trauma. Appointments are generally 10 minutes long and can be booked in advance. These appointments are also available to book online, in some cases at far as 4 weeks in advance. 

We are able to offer a limited number of appointments during extended surgery hours on Saturday mornings. Limited number of evening appointments during the weekdays are also available either at Yaxley or one of the neighbouring surgeries. Ideally, these slots are for people who find it difficult to attend the Practice during normal working hours and these are booked by the Doctors and Nurse Practitioners.

Patients who use the Community Car Service can be reassured that their needs will be met. They simply need to let the Doctor/Nurse Practitioner know that this is how they will be coming to the surgery.  If they need a surgery appointment the Doctor/Nurse Practitioner will make the necessary arrangements.

Appointments FAQ

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Healthcare Online


Automated Answering Service


automated answering service


The Practice operates an automatic answering service, you will be asked to choose one of the following options:

  • Press 1 for Medical Emergencies or Health Care Professionals calling
  • Press 2 for Prescription Queries and Repeat Medication
  • Press 3* to book a Telephone Consultation with a Doctor or an Appointment
  • Press 4 to speak to the Administration Team
  • Press 5 to listen to the options again

For all other enquiries, you will be asked "to hold"

*Please note the Appointment Line is open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 12:00 and then 13:30 to 16:15


GP Hub

Can't get to the practice during opening hours?

Ask you GP reception for an appointment at the GP Hub.

If you wish to attend an appointment at the GP Hub, please be aware that you will need to consent to record sharing.


Cancel appointments you don't need