Open Research Studies

Lakeside Healthcare Research and Innovation Unit:


Gen-Vasc / NHS Health Check – Patients are invited to take part in the study when they attend their NHS health check – they have an additional blood test done with the Research team which is sent to the University of Leicester’s Cardiovascular Research Team. The study is looking at developing Genomic markers in early Cardiovascular Disease.

GEKO – A commercial study comparing the efficacy of the geko™ device when used for 6 hours or 12 hours with patients given standard care, when treating patients with venous leg ulcers. The study is sponsored by FirstKind Ltd.

RSV – An observational study looking at the occurrence of the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) within older adults both living in the community, and in care homes. The study will run across two consecutive RSV seasons. The study is sponsored by GSK.

SYNAIRGEN – A commercial study assessing how effective the inhaled SNG001 drug is, in treating a respiratory virus infection within patients suffering from COPD. The study is sponsored by Synairgen.

AMGEN – A commercial study looking at how effective the drug Evolocumab is at lowering LDL-C in patients at risk of having a cardiovascular event. This study is sponsored by Amgen.

IPCAS – A study looking at comparing patients who have suffered a stroke and offering them a nurse led review programme, where they are given health promotion information and information about local services available to them against standard post-stroke care locally. The study is sponsored by the University of Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit.

CLASP – A study looking at providing mentoring support for patients who have had breast, colon or prostate cancer to improve their physical and mental health wellbeing, against an online intervention which gives them information about the local services available to them. The study is sponsored by the University of Southampton.

CODEC – A study looking at establishing a link between the chronotype of non-insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus patients and subsequent glycaemic control patients. The study is sponsored by the Leicester Diabetes Centre.

GLOW– A study looking at the impact of giving newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic patients 6 months of a tailored diabetes education and behavioural weight management programme (Weight watchers – Live Well with Diabetes) versus Desmond education alone. The study sponsor is the University of Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit.

BEST3 – A study looking at whether the Cytosponge™ test is an effective tool to diagnose Baratt’s Oesophagus in patients on long-term acid suppressant medication, allowing for endocscopic therapy and monitoring for those at a greater risk of oesophogeal adenocarcinoma.

GSK Pass-COPD – A commercial study looking at safety cardiovascular outcome data for two LAMA inhalers, in patients with moderate COPD. It is an observational study. GSK is the trial sponsor.

GSK Intrepid – Commercial study looking at the effectiveness of Triple therapy Inhaler – Trelegy Ellipta, against usual locally prescribed triple therapy for patients with severe COPD. This is an observational study and GSK is the trial sponsor.

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