Patient Group Minutes of Meeting, Reports and Surveys

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PPG Minutes: Monday 28th November 2022


  • Paul Underwood (PU), Chair
  • David Porteious (DP), Treasurer
  • Anita Patchett (AP)
  • Eric Hitchock (EH)
  • Peter Curtis (PC)

In Attendance 

  • Dr Jas Bhari (JB), Partner
  • Aija Selby (AS), Practice Manager


None Notified

1. Minutes of previous meeting


Matters arising from minutes 23/08/22

  • Election of a Vice Chair and Secretary will be held back until more attendees are forth coming.
  • Members and patient attendance a discussion took place with regards increasing numbers
  • All parish councils within the catchment area have been written to for support still awaiting some replies.
  1. YPC agreed to post on their main noticeboard
  2. Stilton Parish Council will attend from next meeting
  3. Pharmacy, discussed the explanation (closed)
  • Supply of the drinking water in Reception Waiting Area discussed and agreed if water is required reception staff or clinician will assist. H&S risks with facilities and location outweigh the volume of patients requesting water.
  • Quiet room discussed and AS confirmed various areas available to use.
  • Yaxley Gazette arranged with thanks to Justine Widdle
  • Bank account now open

2. Items for discussion / correspondence

  • Discussion took place regarding Local Patient Safety Initiative recently circulated to all the local practice by the Integrated Care Board. PPG asked “what does patient safety mean to you?” and feedback provided. 
  • Family support during serious illness discussed. It was confirmed two Social Prescriber Link Workers available at the practice to support non-medical needs. PPG would like to invite them to one of the future meetings.
  • Discussion took place regarding Face to Face appointments and it was agreed that these are available, where required and appropriate or asked for. Discussion took place regarding GP level appointment statistics recently published by NHS Digital – AS to circulate links.

3. Any other business

  • Fund raising was discussed, highlighting sponsored walk inclusive of doctors and staff, also raffles at public clinics, to be arranged later (agreed). AS to add to the agenda for discussion at the Practice Business Meeting.
  • Winter preparations reference slope and steps in adverse weather, it was explained the salt application is undertaken by contractors and will be maintained
  • Car park entrance with a wheelchair is difficult for some – AS will request for the Facilities Department to investigate options for rectification and will report back with their findings.
  • Discussion took place regarding GP Patient Survey – AS will share link to the latest survey results with the group.
  • Hospital referral waiting times discussed. These vary, but can be very long for certain specialities. These are available online and AS will circulate a link to the portal.
  • PC shared positive feedback from patients.

The meeting closed 19.20pm 


Next Meeting

Monday 3rd April 2023, 6.30pm at the Surgery - all patients welcome!