Private, Professional Fees and Certificates

Fee Must Be Paid In Advance

General Cost
TWIMC Letter £43.20
Short letter concession (GP discretion) (eg carers, financial hardship) £12.00
Medicals -HGV,LGV, PSV, ambulance, racing car & glider £138.00
Seatbelt exemption £83.50
Bus pass concession £24.00
Driving Licence Application £69.00
Short Certificate (Miscellaneous, inc Lighter Life, Cambridge Diet) £17.50
Taxi Medical £114.00
Travel & Sport Cost
Holiday cancellation/fitness to travel £36.00
High risk sports (Sky Diving, Parachute) £43.20
Private prescription for travel £22.20
Shotgun licence report only £43.20
Medical Reports eg insurance (non Public Sector) Cost
Insurance claim (bupa,sickness, accident) £36.00
Life Insurance medical report (GPR) £104.00
Targeted life Insurance medical report (iGPR) £75.00
Additional Information (supplementary report) £27.00
Medical Report (employment, solicitors, police etc) no examination £135.00
Medical Report (employment, solicitors, police etc) with exam £265.00
Pre-employment (health screening letter and report) no examination £162.00
Pre-employment medical (health screening letter and report) with exam £318.00
Army Medical Declaration (no examination) £78.00
Army Medical Declaration (with examination) £103.20
Local Authority/public sector Cost
Adoption & Fostering (Form AH) £107.26
Adoption & Fostering (Form AH2) £35.39
Case Conference Report £47.00
DWP DLA for carer (terminally ill patient) DS1500 £20.40
Police questionnaire/report £30.00
DWP Personal Independence/DLA DLA370 £40.20
Ofsted (childminder health form) paid by applicant) £109.20
CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority) £46.80
HGV Medical (our patient) £138.00
Report for DVLA (fixed cost) £48.00
Report for DVLA (fixed cost) £102.00
Subject Access Requests Cost
Electronic Copy Records £10.00
Copy Records per sheet (max £50) £0.33
Full notes (printed and paper) £50.00
Mental Capacity Act Cost
Power of Attorney Certificate (Visit or Appt required)/Witnessing £78.00
Power of Attorney Certificate (No appointmet required) £102.00
Mental Capacity Act Assessment (COP3) £68.40
Mental Capacity Act Assessment (COP3) £123.60
Cremation and Coroner Cost
Cremation fees (part 4&5) £82.00
Coroner's report (for Court) £67.50
Private services Cost
Private consultation (10 min) £72.00
Private Telephone consultation £43.20
Private prescription £22.20
Private sick note £22.20
Private home visit £102.00
Private ECG recording £84.00
Private Microbiology Services (+ patient invoiced lab fees for each test) £24.00
Private Blood Pressure £18.00
Cholera with no Certificate No Charge
Cholera with Certificate £10.00
Hepatitis A - PPA Clain IOS for booster No Charge
Hepatitis B for Travel course of 3 £135.00
Hepatitis B for bite or injury No Charge
Organisation requesting: £80.00
Police/Nursing Home/NHS/Occ Health £80.00
Japenese Encephalitis Booster - single dose  £87.50
Japanese Encephalitis - 2 doses £175.00
Meningitis - single dose and letter £55.00
Private Prescriptions £18.50
Rabies - 3 doses £195.00
Rabies - single dose £65.00
Tick-Borne Encephalitis - 3 doses £190.00
Typhoid - IOS plus PPA No Charge
Vaccination Travel certificate (yellow book) £10.00