Patient Newsletter: Spring 2023

Lakeside Healthcare is a Partnership of practices, owned and operated by GP Partners to deliver the healthcare needs of over 170,000 patients across Northants, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. With more than 500 employees, a Research Team and established education and training, we are committed to delivering a quality service to our patients and communities.

Here's a snapshot of our monthly workload

  • 16,116 overall appointments  
  • 7,777 telephone calls handled  
  • 2,286 Doctrin consultations delivered  
  • + clinics  
  • + home visits  
  • + hospital letters  
  • + test results  
  • + care homes  
  • + extended access  

Also 320 patients did not attend their scheduled appointment so please let us know if you need to cancel!  

Figures apply to period 23/1 to 19/2/23  


More About Doctrin

There’s lots of reasons to try Doctrin which gets great patient ratings and feedback. Visit our website for more information on how to use it. Simply click on the Doctrin wording in the top right corner of the homepage.  

It allows patients to seek advice for:  

  • Non urgent medical conditions  
  • Medicine/prescription queries  
  • Healthcare and self care advice  


  • Easy to use  
  • Detailed questionnaires  
  • Saves waiting in a telephone queue  
  • Can be easily accessed from mobile devices  
  • Open during surgery hours  
  • Triage to most appropriate team member  
  • Very popular with patients  
  • Attracts great feedback ratings.  

Since we launched the platform our team has delivered over 35,000 Doctrin consultations for patients aged from newborn to 91 years old!  

Here’s how users rate it:  

  • 90.8% were met with compassion  
  • 87.6% would recommend the platform  
  • 75.3% received sufficient information  

Find out more about Doctrin


Introducing some new team members

Our new care coordinator, Katie Frankum, says her role is about building connections with patients, organisations and social care to ensure people get the right help when they need it.


image of Katie Frankum

image of Mark Smith

Mark Smith is our newest social prescriber helping people with a range of non-clinical and lifestyle issues. He enjoys the people-centred work and contact with clients.



Patient Participation Group Facebook Group

Did you know that our Patient Participation Group has its own Facebook Group?


image depicting a survey

Patient Access Survey

There’s still time to take part in our Patient Access Survey

Just a friendly reminder that we are running a survey to gauge your experience of accessing our services. is a Partnership-wide initiative, which will help us understand your experiences at your practice, as well as capturing cross-site trends.

Please take part in our Patient Access Survey.  

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