How do I get started?

To access Doctrin you need to be a patient who is registered at our surgery and you will need your NHS log-in. Please register for your NHS login before you need to use Doctrin, as it may take some time for your details to be processed and verified.

Setting up an NHS log in

You need a mobile phone and email address to set up NHS login. You can find more details online by visiting NHS - About NHS login.

You will be asked to provide photo ID, which could be of a passport, driving licence, identity or residence card. The image you sends needs to be of your original photo ID, not a printout or screen image.  

Some patients are unable to provide photo ID and so, they are still able to register for NHS log in if they already registered for online services with us. You would have been given three details – a linkage key (or passphrase) ODS code (or practice ID) and account ID so please quote these to activate your NHS log in without photo ID.


Starting a consultation

You can access the platform by clicking on the Doctrin wording on the top right of our website or else by double-clicking the online consultation box in the middle of the home page.

You can then start your consultation by clicking on this button.

Log in with NHS login

You will be asked to confirm your email address and NHS log in details and then your consultation will begin.  

Once your case is submitted it will automatically be uploaded to the most appropriate online waiting room. We will respond during normal working hours (not bank holidays).  

The messaging appears as a 'webchat' with back-and-forth responses between you and the person conducting your consultation. It may not be in 'real time' so messages from both parties are stored and saved. Once you and our team member are both happy with the outcome your case will be closed.


Submitting a consultation for someone else

At present the system is configured so you can either submit a consultation for yourself or on behalf of your child aged under 18 who is registered at our practice. If opening a case for your child please log on using your own details but select the 'consultation is for a child' option when prompted and fill in their details.

The system is being developed so that, in future, you may be able to submit a consultation for an adult, eg parent, with their permission.


Case closure

Once you access the platform, even to check that your NHS log in details work, or to see the format of Doctrin, then that automatically opens a new case, whether you submit further details or not. If you partially complete a questionnaire, or else find the healthcare advice you are looking for and decide, for whatever reason, not to continue with a partly completed consultation, it will still be classed as 'open.'

Cases are closed either by one of our team who has reviewed your completed information and dealt with it to your satisfaction, or else automatically by the system if the relevant details haven't been submitted within seven days and it is deemed inactive. You can open a new consultation at any time. In both of the scenarios above you will receive a courtesy email notification of the closure.

As Doctrin keeps your case open automatically it allows you to submit further details over a period of days if necessary. It also means that no cases are ‘lost.'  It is a safeguard for patients and clinicians and all your data is securely stored.