Doctrin FAQs

I haven’t got a mobile phone – can I still use Doctrin?

At present the NHS log in is only available for patients with mobile phones. This is a national issue and the NHS is looking at ways of providing log-in access for people without mobile phones.


Can I access Doctrin through the NHS app?

Currently you can only access Doctrin by clicking the links on our website, however we expect that, in due course, Doctrin will be fully integrated into the NHS app so you should be able to access it from your mobile phone as well.


Help, I am having problems logging in.

To access Doctrin you need to be a patient who is registered at our practice. You also need to have your NHS log in, which you can register for online or else by downloading the NHS app.

To access Doctrin please click on the wording on the top right of our website, or else in the online consultation picture block further down our homepage.

You will see a blue log in button halfway. Please click on this, submit your email address and password associated with your NHS log in and your consultation will automatically start.


I’ve got lots of little things I need to contact you about, can I do it all in one consultation?

Each consultation is designed for just one issue eg prescription query, or health consultation. This is to ensure we have the details we need for that specific issue and that information does not get overlooked. Please open a new case for each issue as they may be dealt with by different members of our team. You can track them all in your personal dashboard.  


It takes me too long to finish the questionnaires – is there a shorter way of doing it?

The questionnaires are detailed as that enables us to have all the right information so we can triage your case quickly and to the right person.  We will review them in order during our normal working hours. Depending on patient demand and the complexity of the case the majority are reviewed quickly and responded to within a short time span. Doctrin really is a convenient way to contact us and saves you having to wait on the phone and repeat information to the reception team and clinician. if patients 'drop out' halfway through the process we are unable to help, which is frustrating for you and us. We suggest you try it again, complete the full process and experience the benefits of Doctrin for yourself.  


Can I submit a consultation for a someone else?

If submitting a form for your child under the age of 18, please log on using your own details but select consultation is for “a child”, when prompted and fill in your child’s details.

At present, if you wish to submit a consultation for an adult, please log on using their details with their consent and make it clear that you are acting on their behalf.


Why should I use an electronic platform when I want to see someone face to face?

The platform is designed so that we maximise our team’s capacity and specialisms and we gt many routine requests, such as prescription renewal, through the platform. This enables us to process these more quickly than if you phone us or come to the practice in person. As lots of requests can be actioned through the system it allows us extra capacity to see more complex cases in person. Please be assured that, if you use the platform in the first instance you will be offered a face to face appointment if you need one.