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Very High Levels of Demand

Due to very high levels of demand the Doctrin platform is currently only available during normal surgery hours, 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

What to use Doctrin for


  • Online
  • Non-urgent
  • Can wait 3 - 5 days




  • Emergency
  • Urgent
  • Needs same day response
  • Any acute medical illness such as a fever, cough or an unwell child.



What is Doctrin?

  • Doctrin is a secure online consultation platform for non-urgent cases. We aim to respond to patients within three days for medical enquiries and five days for administrative issues.
  • Your message will not be dealt with in 'real time' and will be prioritised according to category and date submitted.

Please do not use for emergency or urgent issues

  • If your condition is life-threatening or an emergency (eg heart attack, bleeding, stroke, low mood giving cause for concern etc) please contact 999 immediately rather than submitting a consultation.
  • If your issue is less urgent but requires a same day response, or one within a specific timescale, then please contact us direct or call 111.

Why should I use it?

We are required to deliver at least 25% of our patient contacts digitally.

This means that you can submit a consultation remotely using a mobile device, freeing up telephone capacity for patients who don't wish to use the system.


Who can use it?

To use Doctrin you need to be a patient registered at our practice

Doctrin is accessed  through a link on our website, but requires an NHS Login.


If you have the NHS App you automatically have NHS log in


How do I get started?

  • Doctrin can be accessed from clicking on the blue login button below
  • Log in using your NHS log in details  
  • Your consultation will begin  

You will be asked a series of questions so that we can assign your case to the most appropriate team member. The consultation takes the form of a web chat, not necessarily in real time. Your case will remain open until your issue has been satisfactorily resolved.

Log in with NHS login


Can I use Doctrin to request an appointment?

No. Doctrin allows us to gauge your case and deal with routine issues. We may telephone to clarify something or you may be asked to upload photographs or videos of your condition. If you need a face to face appointment you will be offered one.


Response times

You can submit your query at any time, however it may not be reviewed by our team for a number of working days. Our team is working hard to respond to Doctrin cases as quickly as possible.


Prescription renewal

While you can order prescriptions through Doctrin it is easier to do so through the NHS App by logging in, clicking on 'Order A Repeat Prescription' and selecting the items you need.


Case closure

Once you have been dealt with appropriately your case will be closed. Once you receive the 'case closure' message there is no need for you to respond. You can re-open a new case at any time.



Doctrin allows you to give feedback on whether you received enough information, were treated with compassion and would recommend the platform to others.